The EU-Japan Centre’s office in Tokyo is regularly publishing "Industry and Policy News”. By screening various Japanese language sources of potential interest, including newly released policy documents, surveys, and official statements, this newsletter aims to provide information in the context of EU-Japan industrial cooperation. The topics of the October 2023 issue are as follows.

The Centre is also publishing on a weekly basis. The weekly releases are available on the following website with a new issue every Friday                                                                                                    

This news was compiled by “Weekly Japanese Industry and Policy News”.

Legislation and Policy News
‒    Three ministries announce their approach towards financed emissions
‒    METI held Tokyo Green Transformation (GX) Roundtable
‒    METI, JOGMEC and PETRONAS have concluded MOC on CCS businesses
‒    Japanese and Australian governments confirm stable LNG supply and promotion of decarbonization investment
‒    Ministry of the Environment certifies 122 biodiversity conservation areas
‒    METI assists JP¥ 30.6 billion for batteries for electric aircraft
‒    Japan, UK, Korea and the World Bank form a new framework for renewable energy supply networks
‒    METI and NEDO hold the 10th Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF) Annual General Meeting
‒    "Japan-U.S.-EU Industrial Control System Cybersecurity Week for the Indo-Pacific Region" was held
‒    METI raises EV charger installation to 300,000 by 2030
‒    Japan and Denmark cooperate on floating offshore wind power generation

Company & Organization News
‒    Osaka Gas and Taiwanese state-owned company begin joint study on decarbonization such as "e-methane"
‒    Mitsui to jointly promote renewable diesel and SAF manufacturing business with Portugal Galp
‒    INPEX jointly produces ammonia in the United States with four parties
‒    Kawasaki Heavy Industries recovers CO2 at coal-fired power plant
‒    Toray develops new recycling technology for PPS resin
‒    NIES and the University of Tokyo develop a model to estimate the impact of the circular economy over 30 years
‒    Nippon Sheet Glass launches low carbon glass in Europe that reduces CO2 emissions by 50%
‒    Memorandum of understanding between UK and Marubeni on clean energy
‒    Toyota and Idemitsu collaborate on mass production of all-solid statebatteries
‒    Primetals Techno provides FS support for rebuilding Ukrainian steel
‒    THE JAPAN WOOL TEXTILE introduces automatic foreign matter removal equipment from used clothes, increasing production capacity by 10 times
‒    AESC to procure battery materials for 1 million EVs per year from Umicore
‒    Honda and GM to launch driverless taxis in Japan in 2026
‒    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries begins CO2 liquefaction demonstration, aiming to popularize CCUS
‒    Toyota adopts Tesla method as charging standard in North America
‒    Kansai Electric Power and JFE Steel begin joint study and investigation of CCS project
‒    Toyota unveils Lexus EV with a cruising range of 1,000 km, scheduled to be launched in 2026
‒    INPEX and Osaka Gas launch one of the world's largest methanation projects
‒    Mitsubishi Motors announces withdrawal from China

Other topics
‒    2.18 million foreigners visited Japan in September, approaching the pre-COVID-19

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