Under the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), the EU exports to Japan are outperforming the growth of the past years. There are various EU products and services which enjoy trade benefits from the Agreement. Yet, access to the Japanese market is still perceived as difficult by EU exporters because of culture, language, trade and other barriers.

This is the reason why the EU-Japan Centre organises, in cooperation with Professor Chieko NAKABAYASHI, online training series to present in a practical manner all what EU companies should know when exporting to Japan.
Each session lasts 30 minutes and covers a topic related to business rules, regulations, standards, various conformance assessments and practices, and is concluded with a Q&A.
The sessions are complimentary to a report published by the EU-Japan Centre; and aim to extend benefits from EU-Japan free trade as widely as possible to EU exporters in all sizes alike.

Started in September, the online trainings cover the following topics:

  1. Before, During and After Custom Clearance at Japan Customs - Passed
  2. Quarantines for Animal and Plant Protection, and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Clearances (SPS) - Passed
  3. Requirements for Labelling on EU Food Products and Household Goods - Passed
  4. Japan Industrial Standard (JIS), Preferential Rules of Origin (RoO), and Intellectual Property Right (IPR) – Geographical Indicators (GIs) and other IPRs – 14 October 2020
  5. Technical Regulations – Motor Vehicles – 21 October 2020
  6. Technical Regulations – Medical Devices – 28 October 2020
  7. Technical Regulations – Pharmaceuticals – 4 November 2020
  8. Technical Regulations - Textiles Labelling – 18 November 2020
  9. Technical Regulations - "Quasi Drugs" – 20 January 2021
  10. Technical Regulations – Beer – 27 January 2021
  11. EU Advantages – Agriculture and Food Products: Pork & Dairy – 3 February 2021
  12. EU Advantages – Textiles – 10 February 2021
  13. EU Advantages – Footwear & Leather – 17 February 2021
  14. Setting up a Business in Japan – Representative Office, Branch Office, Subsidiary Companies – 24 February 2021
  15. Markets, Distribution System and Sales Channels for B2B and B2C – 3 March 2021
  16. Trade Shows and Due Diligence - Finding Business Partners – 10 March 2021

MORE INFORMATION & REGISTRATION on forthcoming online training


In addition, and complimentary to the online training series, the EU-Japan Centre has released a guide: "2020 Guide Exporting to Japan: What You Should Know"
Since its entry into force on 1 February 2019, the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) has resulted in a significant increase of trade in goods and services between the EU and Japan . The Agreement gradually removes most customs duties. It also addresses several long-standing non-tariff barriers and simplifies procedures for trade. There are various EU products and services which potentially enjoy more trade benefits from the Agreement, but yet many EU exporters, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) perceive that it is difficult to export to Japan because of unfamiliar trade and business practices. This Guide presents in practical terms for key sectors the most important things that EU companies should know when exporting to Japan so that the benefits of free trade can become more widely available to EU exporters in the second year of the Agreement.

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