At the interface between industry's needs and the priorities of the Japanese and European Authorities, the EU-Japan Centre organises debates, informs about the latest industrial and economic policies, presents feedback to policy makers and compare experiences and latest information with a view to sharing best practices and identifying areas of future dialogue and cooperation.

The Centre's seminars and workshops both in Europe and Japan cover a range of issues, including:

  • CLIMATE CHANGE, ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY (main topics include: emissions trading, carbon capture and storage, renewable energy, environmental goods, REACH, Green ICT, and CO2 reduction in transport)
  • TRADE & INVESTMENT (valuable and latest know-how about different industrial sectors in the EU and Japan.)
  • INDUSTRIAL POLICY (main topics include: policies about SMEs, innovation, competition, CSR and food safety provide answers. The Centre also informs about latest developments regarding harmonised and converging ICT-standards and IPR issues).

Details of forthcoming seminars can be found in the events section. For information on past events, including presentations and reports, please see the event archive.

Since July 2015, the EU-Japan Centre in Tokyo has published "Industry and Policy News" taking information from various Japanese language sources of potential interest, including newly released policy documents, surveys, and official statements, in the context of EU-Japan industrial cooperation. Upon request, the EU-Japan Centre can search and provide further detailed information on a topic of particular interest to our readers (enquiries and requests to be addressed by email to: Details.

The EU-Japan Centre also coordinates the activities of the EU-Japan Business Round Table (or "BRT") and its 4 working parties that deal with specific issues of common interest to both regions' industries and Authorities.

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation also proposes the MINERVA EU-JAPAN FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME, a 6 months' fellowship for EU and Japanese professionals. The in-house fellowship scheme in Japan is designed to support its research and policy analysis of EU-Japan economic and industrial issues.

In FY2016, the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation will launch and produce a study to "research and identify European Industrial Technologies of high cooperation and business potential with Japan" with the aim to better support the EU-Japan policy in Technology Transfer. Details on the launch of this study are available by clicking here.

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