Monthly Japanese Industry and Policy News December 2022

Topics covered on the December issue:

・This was compiled by “Weekly Japanese Industrial and Policy News”.

Legislation and Policy News
-    METI Minster Nishimura signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on hydrogen with Commissioner Simson of the European Commission
-    Decision to Impose Anti-Dumping Duties on Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Wire Originating in the Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of China
-    Japan-U.S. Energy Security Dialogue held 
-    EPA application procedures for fruits and vegetables have been simplified
-    Japan and UK launch digital partnership
-    Japan, Britain and Italy jointly develop next-generation fighter
-    Advisory panel recommends expansion of ODA
-    METI proposes support measures for hydrogen and ammonia supply chain development
-    METI to start full-scale operation of emissions trading in FY 2026 and introduce CO2 levy in FY 2028
-    The Japanese government makes a cabinet decision to significantly increase defense spending 
-    METI, SMEA, JETRO, and SME SUPPORT JAPAN launched a support program for 10,000 new exporters
-    METI revised the J-credit system
-    The government expects economic growth of 1.5% next fiscal year
-    Government to change nuclear policy and expand utilization
-    The government has designated 11 areas of special importance, such as semiconductors 

Survey and Business Data
-    Japan's labor productivity ranks 27th out of 38 OECD countries

Company & Organization News
-    IHI receives order for world's largest methanation equipment, reuses 24 tons of CO2 per day
-    NEC and JERA start demonstrating electric power market transactions 
-    MOC signed between Imec and Rapidus
-    Developed a shopping bag that fish dislike, and added a bitter ingredient
-    JOGMEC and the Government of Western Australia signed a MOU on natural resources, CCS and CCUS
-    Successful launch of ispace lunar lander
-    Tokyu Land Corporation conducts Japan's first technical demonstration of "Ocean Floating Solar Power Generation"
-    ANA's CO2 emission reduction target receives SBT certification, first among Asian airlines..
-    Visualization of supply chain CO2 emissions, 35 companies implement data exchange
-    Japan Airlines joined the partnership of "Oita Prefecture x Sierra Space x Kanematsu" considering Dream Chaser®
-    Sumitomo Forestry participates in formulation of roadmap for maintaining and expanding sustainable forests
-    ORIX acquires Spanish renewable energy giant Elawan as a wholly owned subsidiary
-    Asahi Kasei develops basic recycling technology for continuous carbon fiber
-    JEITA announces global production outlook for electronics and information Industry in 2023
-    JEITA announces global demand forecast for the digital innovation market through 2030
-    IHI developed new catalyst for SAF synthesis and confirms world top level yield of liquid hydrocarbons
-    JX Nippon Mining & Metals and the Netherlands company starts smelting and refining of rare metal tantalum in Brazil
-    Osaka Gas to produce synthetic methane from biomass-derived CO2 + blue hydrogen

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