Tetsushi Yamada
Interpretation Development Engineer, Schlumberger - Supervisor for Vulcanus in Europe 2014-15

I took part in the Vulcanus in Europe programme as a student in 2009. My internship was at Schlumberger in France, which was a great experience, both professionally and outside work. Moreover, it was the start of my career at Schlumberger. Five years later, roles were reversed and I became a supervisor myself, working with Vulcanus student Michihisa at the same company. He made me realise that I was a bit older than five years ago (!) and was becoming a senior in the company. It was a great experience to work with ‘Michi’ and I very much appreciated his work. Now I can really tell how beneficial the Vulcanus programme is both for students and the companies. Also, I was very happy to watch him learn about the cultural differences through communicating with the team with his open-minded personality. I hope that this programme will continue, as I believe it is contributing to the better relationship between the EU countries and Japan in the long run.

Francisco Marti
Product Manager, Tiger Coatings GmbH & Co KG - Supervisor for Vulcanus in Europe 2014-15

We have hosted Vulcanus student Sari Nishimura in our team from August 2014 until the end of March 2015.
The experience having Sari with us has been really positive. We learnt a lot about the Japanese culture and can understand it a bit more now. Sari is a brilliant student and managed to improve her English and German language skills a lot. Regarding her performance here, after the obligatory period of adaptation, she began to understand our project and managed to work both correctly and efficiently.

I find the VULCANUS programme a really good tool for Japanese students to know a bit more about Europe and to have a first experience in a professional environment. Culture, behaviour, traditions, rules, etc… All this is crucial for their personal and professional development. Furthermore, this is a business world, therefore this experience will help them in the near future when they work in international companies.

  Nithin Sreeprakash
MBS SIMULATION ENGINEER, ZF Friedrichshafen (Germany) - Vulcanus host company since 2006

"ZF Friedrichshafen AG has been hosting VULCANUS students for a couple of years now. 2013, however, was the first time I personally had the opportunity to supervise a VULCANUS student. My colleagues and I were very pleased with the sincerity and hard work put in by the student during the internship, as well as the skill level of the student. His efforts formed a significant contribution to our internal project.

The programme with its 1 year schedule, including the 8-month internship, gives the student the time to understand the tasks at hand, and us –as a host company- the time to guide them and broaden their technical expertise in order to help them achieve their targets. The student also gains rich experience with a European company.

In today’s global economy, this programme provides the students with valuable experience in an international company and adds to the cultural diversity in the workforce of the host company. We are definitely looking forward to our next VULCANUS interns!"

Hájek Tomáš
IDIADA CZ (Czech Republic) - Vulcanus host company 2013

"IDIADA CZ" really appreciates participating in the Vulcanus Programme. Because of the good organisation of the programme and excellent communication, all our expectations were fulfilled. Hiroshi (our Japanese trainee) participated in an internal research project. We used his open minded attitude to work on creating a new methodology for the simulation of clips on plastic parts. Of course it was interesting for our team to work with a colleague from a different culture. It was a new experience for us and we are confident that it was also interesting for him to experience our culture. As we are company with Japanese customers, we definitely see Hiroshi as a potential future employee in case he decides to join us."

Hubert Golle

Product Manager, Robotina (Slovenia)- Vulcanus Host Company since 2012

"Vulcanus is a win-win program for both the Japanese student and the European host company. It is very well prepared and structured, so has important impacts for both: the student gets valuable hands-on experience in a real business environment and the company gains a deeper understanding of the Japanese way of working. The eight-month period of work is long enough to deliver practical results. Personally; I would recommend applying for the Vulcanus scheme if you want to improve your ability to do business with the Japanese."

Joaquín Olcina

Product Manager, Performance & Driveability, Applus IDIADA Group (Spain) - Vulcanus Host Company since 2007

"APPLUS+IDIADA provides engineering and testing services to the worldwide automotive industry, for development projects. Thus Japanese clients are very important to us. Having a VULCANUS trainee in our department has been a very enriching experience mainly due to his technical skills, his commitment to the projects he was involved in, and also to the fact that through him the rest of the team could acquire a greater knowledge of Japanese culture."

  Massimo Di Silvestro
Project Manager, ITT Italia S.r.l.

Getting Experience of the International Gaps through Practice

ITT Friction Technologies is one of the most important friction material suppliers for automotive in EU, and it is our goal to increase our market share worldwide. To be present in Asia where the most important car manufactories are located (Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda) is a must!

ITT first approached the Japanese market in 2002, and after several years we could confirm that our business was growing but with some difficulties.... This is mainly linked to a different way of working, a different way of thinking between Europe and Japan.

One of my tasks is to introduce the Japanese culture in our company, in order to be more successful with our Japanese customers. To have had the opportunity to participate in the Vulcanus project and to live 8 months in close contact with a Japanese, helped me to understand and transfer this philosophy better. For sure this was an unforgettable experience which I hope to be able to repeat soon.

Katsuya Ishikawa's comments (the Vulcanus trainee):

Working for 8 months with Italian people was a very beneficial experience for me. I learned many things, especially that it is very important to get experience of the international gaps through practice. For instance, the gap in mentality of working, the gap in manners to build good relationships, and so on. Through these experiences I could analyse my ability to work in a global field, and now my outlook has been remarkably broadened. For sure the Vulcanus experience has positively influenced the vision of my future career.

  Jure Vindišar
Head of Energy and ecology department, INEA d.o.o.

Our trainee was assigned a rather demanding task of setting up a demo environment for our "Smart Grid Peak leveling System".  For our company it was the first time to involve a Japanese trainee in our projects. His contribution was above all our expectations, in sense of his language skills, professional background and commitment to the project tasks.

His visit coincided with when we were taking our first major steps to recognise the Japanese market potential in the field of energy management systems. His assistance here was very precious. Finally we appreciate the fact that our trainee enjoyed his stay in Slovenia also after working hours, which makes an added value and good motivation for further cooperation with him. This first experience with the Vulcanus programme make us look forward to having the opportunity to host another Vulcanus trainee in the future.

  Rok Sabjan
Chief Technology Officer, Cosylab

Cosylab participated in the Vulcanus programme for the first time in 2009/10. The results have exceeded our expectations. Our trainee proved to be a very talented young man and integrated into our company as an employee. We were able to include him in our customer-related engineering projects, where he provided valuable contributions. On the basis of the results we have decided to continue our participation in the Vulcanus programme also for the next session.

  Martin Tschinkl
AMTC Advanced Mask Technology Center, AMTC Advanced Mask Technology Center

"As a high-tech company we often deal with Japanese counterparts. In 2009 we took part in the Vulcanus programme for the second time. The student worked in the field of Micro Lithography and was assigned to several technical projects to improve the quality and costs of the production processes. We will definitely apply again as a host company, and I can strongly recommend participating in this programme once a detailed job and skill profile are available."

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