JETRO’s "Subsidy for Foreign Direct Investment Stimulation Project" accepting applications

April 21 2023

Please find an outline below and kindly follow these two links for details:

Programme Outline

This subsidy program covers the cost of demonstration projects by foreign and foreign-affiliated companies in Japan for introducing and developing innovative technologies and business models in Japan through collaboration between foreign companies/foreign-affiliated companies in Japan and Japanese companies/research institutions (*).
(*) Including foreign companies incorporated in Japan (limited to companies in which foreign investors hold more than 1/3 of the shares and the largest foreign investor holds 10% or more of the shares).

Projects Eligible for Subsidy

Place of implementation:

  • Japan

Target Fields:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Other fields including digital-related areas (mobility, fintech, wholesale/retail trade) that contribute to the introduction of technologies, business models, etc.

Project Requirements:

  • The foreign-affiliated company in Japan or the foreign collaboration partner of Japanese companies must have a specific project for investment, business expansion, or collaboration in Japan, and the implementation of the project must promote the investment or creation of collaborative partnership projects in Japan.
  • The contractor must have an adequate internal system in place for the project implementation.
  • The Japanese collaboration partners must be proactively involved in the implementation of the project (in the case of Type 2).
  • The foreign-affiliated company in Japan must be a company in which foreign investors own more than 1/3 of the shares of that Japanese corporation, and in which the largest foreign investor has a stake of 10% or more (In the case of participation by a foreign-affiliated company in Japan)

Additional Project Requirements:

  • The project must have technological novelty or contribute to the introduction of a new business model.
  • The project must contribute to solving Japan's economic and social problems.
  • The project must contribute to policy areas such as supply chain resilience.
  • The project must contribute to the revitalization of the region or promotion of FDI in the region.
  • The foreign collaboration partner or foreign-affiliated company in Japan to collaborate is a start-up company with technological innovativeness.
  • Foreign capital accounts for the majority of the foreign-affiliated companies participating in the project.
  • The project is highly feasible in terms of investment in Japan and formation of collaborative partnership projects.

Maximum Subsidy Amount, Subsidy Rates:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises: Subsidy of up to 1/2 of eligible expenses, with an upper limit of 15 million yen
  • Large enterprises: Subsidy of up to 1/3 of eligible expenses, with an upper limit of 15 million yen

※ The amount of expenses to be borne by each project will be determined after reviewing the details of the project.
※ The subsidy amount will be determined after the project is completed and the use of the contracted amount is inspected.
※ If the work stipulated in the contract is not completed, no payment of any expenses can be made.
Number of projects to be selected:

  • Approx. 8 projects (small, medium and large enterprises in total)

Application Schedule

Application Period:

  • March 24 to April 21, 2023 (17:00 JST)

※All applications will be submitted online. Please apply well in advance.

Application Process

Briefing Materials (English):


DX Promotion Team, Invest Japan Promotion Division Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO)
Tel: +81-(0)3-3582-5644
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