Supplier Classification

The (Unified) supplier qualification review results in a classification from A to D, which is largely dependent on the size of your company.  In practice, most EU SMEs will initially get a C or a D classification. The qualification is listed on the Notification of Qualification Screening Results (Sample) . It is possible to have different qualifications for different categories, for example a D classification for manufacturing of goods, and a C classification for supply of goods. 

Procuring entities will use this classification in their tender notices, to specify which suppliers are eligible. To procuring entities the classification acts as a safeguard that the successful bidder will be able to execute the contract, but it also serves as a way to allow SMEs a greater piece of the pie, by exclusively reserving certain tenders for C and D class companies. In practice however, many tenders are open to suppliers from all classifications, and smaller companies will have to compete with much larger competitors.

Classification and contract ranges for manufacturing and supply of goods and services

The chart below shows the classification and contract value ranges applied by procuring entities using the Unified Supplier Qualification System. Other procuring entities will use similar classifications.  If you wish to calculate ranges with other EUR/JPY exchange rates, please use this Excel sheet.

Supplier Classification and related contract value ranges (2018)
  Contract value range (JPY)Contract value range (EUR)
In case of manufacturingcontract    Rate 1  EUR ¥125
Points Class MinMax MinMax
More than 90 points A ¥30.000.000  € 240.000 
80-89 points B ¥20.000.000 ¥30.000.000 € 160.000 € 240.000
55-80 points C ¥4.000.000 ¥20.000.000 €  24.000 € 160.000
Less than 55 points D  ¥4.000.000  €  24.000
In case of product-salesor services  Contract value (JPY) Contract value (EUR)
Points Class Min Max MinMax
More than 90 points A ¥30.000.000 € 240.000
80-89 points B ¥15.000.000 ¥30.000.000 € 120.000 € 240.000
55-80 points C ¥3.000.000 ¥15.000.000 € 24.000 € 120.000
Less than 55 points D  ¥3.000.000  € 24.000
In case of purchase of goods  Contract value (JPY) Contract value (EUR)
Points Class Min Max MinMax
More than 70 points A ¥10.000.000  € 80.000 
50-70 points B ¥2.000.000 ¥10.000.000 € 16.000 € 80.000
Less than 50 points C  ¥2.000.000  € 16.000

Classification and contract ranges for public works contracts

For the classification of public works contractors, the P-scores are used to classify companies. For the major types of contracts the classification is as follows. If you wish to calculate ranges with other EUR/JPY exchange rates, please use this Excel sheet. 


Supplier Classification and related contract value ranges (2018)
    Rate 1 EUR¥125
  Contract value range (JPY)Contract value range (EUR)
Civil Engineering works     
More than 1100 pointsA¥200.000.000  € 1.600.000 
800-1100 pointsB ¥20.000.000 ¥200.000.000 € 160.000 € 1.600.000
Less than 800 pointsC  ¥20.000.000  € 160.000
Construction works     
More than 1100 pointsA¥250.000.000  € 2.000.000 
800-1100 pointsB ¥20.000.000 ¥250.000.000 €   160.000 € 2.000.000
Less than 800 pointsC  ¥20.000.000  €  160.000
Specialist works*     
More than 700 pointsA ¥15.000.000  € 120.000 
Less than 700 pointsB  ¥15.000.000  € 120.000
More than 45A ¥5.000.000  € 40.000 
Less than 45B  ¥5.000.000  € 40.000

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