Name Title CV  Latest update
Ilkka Takayama Full-Stack Developer looking for work in Tokyo-metropolitan area. He has over 20 years of programming and IT experience including Python, PHP, SQL, Wx, Javascript, AWS, and Project management. Link May 2020
Paola Amato interested in supporting consulting firms as NKE for weeks or days in Japan and in Brussels in the frame of the Support facility for the implementation of the JAPAN-EU Strategic Partnership Agreement and particularly on expertise on urban planning, development cooperation and communication International Urban Cooperation JAPAN-EU- City-to-city cooperation on sustainable urban development; In particular in developing city pairing/partnership; outreach and communication; facilitating networking and peer-to-peer exchange; content production for an on-line platform. Support facility for the implementation of Japan EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) on specifically: outreach material and guides on how to use the EPA. Link March 2020
Gabriele Maletta London School of Economics (LSE) graduate with academic and professional experiences in EU-Japan and UK-Japan cooperation, seeking opportunities in Europe and Japan Link February 2020
Ken Chiche In search of a job in the field of EU-Japan economic collaboration. Master degree in management and international affairs Link January 2020
Arno Ceriez Highly motivated Japanese Studies major with a basic economic educational background seeking work experience in an international context in order to help deepen the connection between western Europe and Japan Link January 2020
Jesus Ramirez Alba International Business and Foreign Trade Master’s degree student interested in developing his career in the world of Sales, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Logistic, Supply Chain and Investments in Japan. Link January 2020
Baptiste Gosson-Brion Multilingual economics and public policy student at The University of Tokyo looking for a full-time or part-time internship in public relations, business development, or research in Tokyo from March 2020 Link December 2019
Dustin Schliemann CAE Engineer Link November 2019
Lucia Salvador Professional specialized in international politics and public affairs looking for job and internship opportunities in both Europe and Japan. Link November 2019




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