Name Title CV  Latest update
Franziska Frey Master of European Studies/ Master of Political Science English october 2018
Hsiao-Chiang Hsu Graduate of master of European Affairs at SciencesPo Paris, with a background in economics. Searching for jobs related to political economy analysis, analytical article writing and policy evaluation English August 2018
Akiko Takahashi Looking for a position in English language school or hotel as Japanese or in Asian sales marketing area English (school)
English (hotel)
August 2018
Oscar Gomez Experienced electronics engineer with specialist skills in high frequency integrated circuit and systems design English and Japanese July 2018
Fabio Orlando Professional with consistent experience in the energy sector looking for freelance consultancy, research and meeting arrangements projects English July 2018
Prune Bokobza Looking for a job or an internship position in Japan from September 2018 - French International consultant - MA Public and International Affairs English June 2018
Guillaume Parra Research chemist having a strong background in organic chemistry in the pharmaceutical sector with 8 years experience English May 2018

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05-11-18 | 10:00 - 11:30 AM CET Hackathon is a hacking marathon to accelerate some solutions development. This format is very used in the “digital world”, but much less in the real physical product...


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