The Clean Energy Sector in Japan - An Analysis on Investment and Industrial Cooperation Opportunities for EU SMEs

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation is pleased to release a comprehensive Report on "Japanese Clean Energy Market-Opportunities for European SMEs".  This 70-page Report has been undertaken in the framework of the new Minerva Fellowship programme initiated by the Centre in 2013 and is based on desk and field research as well as factual first hand information collected through interviews with relevant stakeholders in Japan.

Apart from a comprehensive overview of the clean energy market in Japan and an analysis on the investment and cooperation opportunities, the Report includes a mapping and a typology of the European SMEs active in this specific market in Japan.  The Wind and Bio Energy sub-sectors are identified as the most promising for European investment, with an opportunity analysis. The Report concludes with a number of policy recommendations.

Report written by Stijn Lambrecht.

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