Technology Transfer System in Japan - Challenges and Opportunities for European SMEs

This report has been undertaken in the framework of the new "Minerva Fellowship" programme initiated by the Centre in 2013 and is based on desk and field research as well as factual first-hand information. The information contained in the Report  reflects the views of the author only and not necessarily the views and position of the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation,  the EU Commission or Japan authorities.

The Report aims to investigate the technology transfer system in Japan, and understand its nature, and characteristics by highlighting its strengths, and weaknesses. Secondly, the Report aims at being a practical tool, especially for European SMEs (but not just for them), to lower the barriers for the realization of an effective technology transfer pathway when seeking available technologies from Japanese universities and research institutions. Lastly, recommendations to the Japanese research organizations, and universities as well as to European SMEs are being provided. In addition, an exhaustive collection of major of IP-related Japanese laws and regulations is provided in the annexes, as well as and a contact list to be used when trying to reach out to some of the major Japanese tech transfer offices.

Report wriiten by Luca Escoffier.

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