Special Focus: Aerospace and Aeronautics

Special Focus: Aerospace and Aeronautics

In this section you can find all information on aerospace and aeronautics on our website. To learn more, please find additional information on the various sub-sectors, the latest report as well as the upcoming webinar using the links below:


Japan’s aerospace industry has a strong international reputation, particularly in the field of research and development (R&D). Recently, however, it has shifted its focus from R&D to the commercialisation of space technology. Find out more about Japan's aerospace and aeronautics sector below:
About Aerospace & Aeronautics

The Japanese aeronautics sector is one of the largest in the world. Although public sector involvement is primarily focused on the USA, European aeronautics companies are highly regarded in Japan. As a result, several successful partnerships between Japanese and European companies have taken place. For more information for EU companies keen to engage in the Japanese market, please see below:

Japan’s aerospace industry is constantly developing and promoting its satellite systems, space development initiatives, transportation programmes and operations. As one of the largest users of helicopters, Japan develops and manufactures fuselages, engines and other aerospace components. For more information for European businesses, please click on the link below:
Aerospace Technology

Japanese companies have great potential in the research and development of dual-use (non-offensive but military) aerospace defence technology, such as helicopters and light attack aircraft, but they lack feedback from battlefield experience. These dual-use technologies would be compatible with US and European technological capabilities. A window of opportunity now presents itself in Japan’s aerospace and defence industries. For more information, please see below:


This report proposes the best way of pursuing EU-Japan industrial cooperation in the field of Space through reviewing current cooperation and investigating the current level of trade. It also provides information on the respective Space sector landscape from the political, policy and industrial points of view. To read more, please click on the link below:

Business partnership and technology transfer opportunities in the Space sector between EU and Japan


We are pleased to announce that the next Technology Transfer webinar will focus on the EU - Japan industrial cooperation in the Space sector. To read more and to register, please go to:

Technology Transfer Webinar 2: Matching the EU Japan Space Technological Needs

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