Japanese Industry and Policy News April 2021


Legislation and Policy News
 METI and UAE cooperate in hydrogen field, signed MOU on building green hydrogen supply chain
 Ocean release of treated water from nuclear power plants, two years after
 Japan's greenhouse gas reduction target raised to "46% reduction in 2030"
 Add up to JP¥ 600,000 to Tokyo's "Zero Emission Vehicle" subsidy
 Start of operation of "heat stroke warning alert" announced with a heat index of 33 or higher

Survey and Business Data
 Estimated food loss in FY 2018, about 6 million tons, down about 120,000 tons from the previous year

Company & Organization News
 Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)
discovered a large amount of plastic waste off the Boso Peninsula of Chiba pref. at a depth of 6,000 m
 Mitsubishi Chemical's biodegradable material decomposes about 90% in the ocean in one year
 More than 200 companies request the Japanese government to "challenge to reduce greenhouse gases by 50% for 30 years"
 Succeeded in the world's most efficient artificial photosynthesis,
recycling CO2 with sunlight and water
 Toyota to develop "hydrogen engine" installed in competition vehicle, put into 24-hour endurance race
 JAMA Chairman Akio Toyoda says, "Our goal is carbon neutral, and there is more than one way."

Other Topics
 After the COVID-19, it's better not to have a drinking party at work

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