Andras Mate — Mortoff (Hungary) — Vulcanus in Europe 2016/17 supervisor

I am Andras Mate, Digital Architect of Mortoff IT and Consulting in Hungary, Europe. We were hosting Minami Usuda in our team from August 2016 until March 2017.

The working experience and the results of Minami are fully positive and valuable for us. We learnt a lot about cultures and mindsets meanwhile we also understood better ourselves. Mina is a very smart person and a good team member, her added value provided measurable value in our projects.

It was the first time for us to be a participant in the Vulcanus program and we definitely hope that the collaboration could be broadened both on academic and on business level. Our plan is to be kept involved in the student program and to continue the projects with our international, especially with Japanese partners and customers.


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