September 21




21 September 2022
16:30 – 18:00 (Tokyo time) 9:30 – 11:00 (Brussels time)

Venue: Delegation of the European Union to Japan (Click here)
Hybrid event + simultaneous interpretation

Informal networking reception in Tokyo
(18:00 – 19:30)

Agenda (Click here)

Openness to trade and investment is a strength and source of growth and resilience for the EU and Japan. But the COVID-19 pandemic, disruptions in global supply chains including semiconductor shortages and recent geo-economic and geopolitical crises have shown that disruptions in global supply chains, securing supply chains of critical materials, resources and energy, securing critical technologies and infrastructure, and maintaining innovation leadership have underlined the need for a better grasp of where Europe’s and Japan’s strategic dependencies lie, how they may develop in the future and the extent to which they could lead to vulnerabilities. At the EU-Japan Summit in May our leaders emphasized EU and Japan’s determination to strengthen cooperation in promoting economic security, and to strengthen the EU-Japan dialogue on economic resilience to address or mitigate the risk of excessive dependencies, share best practices to address risks to critical global supply chains and to secure critical infrastructure. This seminar aims to explore how to pursue of economic security and open strategic autonomy, and how they could open new opportunities for EU-Japan industrial cooperation among each other as well as in third country markets.

-    This seminar will be held at the same time as an on-site seminar and a ZOOM webinar, so please select from the following and apply. Please avoid duplicate applications. In addition, on-site participation will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached (It will be displayed that the capacity has been reached).

-    For onsite participation (capacity 120 people): Click here
-    For ZOOM webinar participation: Click here

-    The onsite seminar will be held at the EU Delegation to Japan. For security reasons, we will ask you to present your ID at the entrance of the venue. It may take time to enter the building, so please arrive in advance. Also, please bring one business card (or two if you attend the networking reception). 

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