July 31


Webinar: European economy and corporate movements around COVID-19

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation will hold a webinar on the influence of COVID-19 on the European economy.

The slowdown of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe has allowed the economy to progressively restart, but secondary infections are still considered a major risk by companies. An outlook of macro economy is important to overcome this unprecedented crisis, but looking into how European companies, including local Japanese companies, are responding to the current situation may help in reading future trends. In this webinar, a speaker from JETRO Tokyo will provide explanations on the Japanese perspective, while a speaker from SMEunited in Brussels will give insights on the European perspective.

1) 16:30-17:10 JT (9:30-10:10 CT)
Changes in the European business environment due to COVID-19 and challenges for corporate activities
- Speaker: Mr. Susumu Tanaka, Director of Europe, Russia and CIS Division, JETRO Tokyo
2) 17:10-17:50 JT(10:10-10:50 CT)
How is the situation of revitalization of SMEs in Europe ?
-Speaker: Mr. Luc Hendrickx, Director Enterprise Policy, SMEunited (formerly UEAPME)

This webinar will be conducted through the Voiceboxer platform. This system is compatible with most PCs and smartphones.

You can check the compatibility of your terminal through the following link: https://portal.voiceboxer.com/check

1) During the webinar, you will be able to ask questions to speakers through a designated chatroom. Please note that your questions may not be answered due to time constraints.
2) This webinar is for live distribution only: no recording will be made. However, the presentation materials will be distributed later on request to participants.

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