'About Japan' webinar series 205: Rethinking strategy for Japan - B2B

January 17 2023

10-01-23 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM CET


Do you want strategic insight, tactical guidance and real-life examples of how to succeed in the Japanese market?

In this webinar we will present new ways to rethink strategy, market entry and partnerships on the Japanese B2B market. We will introduce a new approach to Japan market entry: partner network strategy. Instead of surrendering exclusive rights to one partner or only working with one segment in the market, our case studies will show novel approaches where EU SMEs side-step the need for market intermediaries and co-create the market with a selected group of business partners based on their specialisation, motivation and network within particular segments of the market. Obviously, most EU SMEs cannot invest time and money in establishing and operating their own company in Japan, so the challenge is to how to secure a strong market presence without incurring exceptionally high costs. This is made possible through what we call, partner network strategy.

The webinar targets EU companies seeking a fresh perspective on market entry strategy for Japan.



Please keep in mind that this webinar is only accessible to EU companies which are registered to the EU Business in Japan website:

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