To get the access to this report, please click here. Expert: Mr Martin Glisby Publication date: February 2018
Topics covered in the February issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・JPO to Expand Cooperation with WIPO・METI to Establish the Consortium for Supporting Young Designers
ALPAKA is a boutique scale manufacturer of alpaca fur and wool founded in 2007.Its headquarters is located in Tallinn, Estonia (EU) and production units in both Peru and Estonia. They use the treasured alpaca fibre from the Peruvian highlands and design and interpret it in the Nordic way.
Topics covered in the January issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・New Program for Advancing the Comprehensive Distribution Policy Decided・Grand Prix Winner of the Japan Healthcare Business Contest Selected・Winners of the 7th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award Announced・World's First Test of Expressway Traveling of CACC-mounted Trucks in a Caravan with Drivers in the Second and Following Trucks Launched
Topics covered in the November issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・Promoting Research on 'Blue Carbon' SURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA・Welfare Expenses of Big Enterprises Continue to Grow・CSR Expenses of Keidanren Members Increased Four Consecutive Years・Tourism Industry: Last Year's Record of 24 Million Foreign Visitors Almost Equaled in Only 10 months