Call for expert report proposals: January 2017

The EU-Japan Centre is currently calling for expert report proposals for its "About Japan" information website (

The deadline for submitting proposals is Wednesday, 21 February 2017. logo

The EU-Japan Centre launched in 2013 a reference website for all EU companies wishing to do business with Japan: “EU BUSINESS IN JAPAN” (

The objective of this website is to provide practical information for EU businesses in need of clear guidelines on trade and investment opportunities in Japan, including practical information on Japanese business sectors (market surveys, etc.) and advice on overcoming various barriers to the Japanese market (i.e. corporate taxation, IPR, etc.)

In order to provide reliable and up-to-date information on as many different relevant sectors and issues as possible, the EU-Japan Centre is heavily reliant on reports and articles from external experts.
With this new call, the EU-Japan Centre is preparing for the reports and online trainings to be released in 2017. These reports should follow a structure that looks similar to the example below.

As a not-for-profit body, the EU-Japan Centre is only able to offer a nominal payment to contributing authors. However, each Author will receive an online acknowledgment (his/her name, company name and field of expertise published on the website). Should the visitors of the « EU BUSINESS IN JAPAN » portal be satisfied with the quality of the information made available on the website for a specific subject, and should they need further support, they will be invited to contact the author of the publication for further (chargeable) services.

If you don’t want to miss this unique occasion to appear on the reference portal for all EU business activities in Japan, please send your proposal by Tuesday, 21st of February 2017 to:

Desirable Topics

The EU-Japan Centre is currently interested in receiving reports covering the topics listed below. These reports should contain the most up to date information currently available. The EU-Japan Centre will accept unpublished papers as well as recent reports (published no further back than 2014) which have been updated. Submissions must already have been proofread in English.

When proposing a subject for a report, please take into account the existing reports published by the EU-Japan Centre, JETRO, and other organisations.

Topics related to high-tech

  • Opportunities for EU SMEs in the industrial application of nanotechnologies in Japan
  • Opportunities for EU SMEs in IoT market (incl. Machine to Machine and Smart grid applications)
  • Opportunities for EU SMEs in the Japanese red biotech market (biotechnology for pharmaceutical applications)
  • Opportunities for EU SMEs in the Japanese blue biotech market (biotechnology for marine and aquatic applications)
  • Opportunities for EU SMEs in the Japanese nanomedicine sector

Topics related to retailing products

  • Opportunities for EU SMEs in the Japanese market for detergents and soap
  • Opportunities for EU SMEs in the footwear market in Japan
  • Opportunities for EU SMEs in the jewellery market in Japan
  • Opportunities for EU SMEs in the Japanese sport equipment market

Topics related to services

  • Strategies for tourism promotion: how to make your region attractive for Japanese tourists
  • The differences between European management and Japanese management:what to expect after being acquired by a Japanese company?
  • Opportunities for European contract research organisations in Japan
  • Opportunities for EU SMEs in the market for technical maintenance services in Japan (market size, market entry,  taxing issues)
  • Payment Options and Challenges when Exporting Goods to Japan

Export flowcharts

  • Guidelines (Flow Charts) on how to export pharmaceuticals to Japan - Experts should propose a portfolio of "GUIDES" in the form of infographics and/or e-Learning modules)"
  • Guidelines (Flow Charts) on how to export medical equipment to Japan - Experts should propose a portfolio of "GUIDES" in the form of infographics and/or e-Learning modules)"

In addition, experts are invited to submit any ideas or suggestions of Japan-related topics in their domain of expertise.

Report Structure

The final draft of the approved report should consist of a minimum of 10.000 words, however for some high-tech topics as well as the export flowcharts a different word count may be appropriate.
With regards to the report structure, the following structure can serve as an example:

  • Executive Summary / Abstract
  • Description, Scope of Coverage
  • Regulation for export to and sale in Japan
    • Authorities responsible
  • Labelling Packaging (if relevant)
    • Authorities responsible
  • Tax matters: Tariffs & Taxes
  • Market Analysis (per product/service covered in this sector)
    • Product/service/technology  description covered by this analysis (in the case of more product/service/technology covered in this sector)
    • Market Size, Trends, Profitability
    • Main Players (Competitors, Suppliers, Producers, Customers etc.)
    • Key Success Factors, Main Challenges, Opportunities
    • Distribution Channels
    • Importers & Related Organisations, Important trade fairs or other events
  • Overview of the opportunities for EU SMEs and Recommendations
  • Appendix A: Complete Bibliography
  • Appendix B: Literature & Web links


The expert will have to present his/her work during a one-hour webinar to be scheduled in 2017. Applicants should bear this in mind when submitting their proposals.

Key Dates

The deadline for proposals is 21st of February 2017. Reports delivery period: between April and June 2017.


Your proposal should be written in English and include the following elements:

  • The expert:
    • Full contact details of each expert involved in the proposal
    • CV(s)
    • Proof of expertise
    • Proof of experience
    • List of publications by the Author(s)
  • The work / deliverables:
    • Table of Content
    • Methodology to be used
    • Expected number of words
  • The Fee
    • The amount of nominal payment expected to be paid at the final delivery.
  • The Delivery
    • Planned date for the interim delivery
    • Planned date for the final delivery (MAY 2017)

Depending on your range of expertise, offers can be submitted for several reports.

These reports are intended for open access online publication, and they will be made public.


Your proposal should be sent by email to Jeroen van der Donck:  at the latest on 21st of February 2017.

Selection results

Selection criteria will include the background of the Author(s), the quality of the contents and the price of the report. In addition, proposals for reports which could contain interactive elements (i.e. embedded videos, etc.) may be favourably considered by the selection committee.

The results of the selection process will be announced end of February 2017. More technical specifications will be sent to successful candidate authors.


For further information, feel free to contact Jeroen van der Donck.
Tel.: +32 2 282 3716

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

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