Communicating effectively in videos

Video is playing an increasing role in the Centre's communication to engage with our stakeholders and further increase dissemination of information about our actions to support businesses. Videos are complementary to and strengthen text-based info messages as they (1) have higher chances of capturing the viewer’s attention, (2) can be ‘processed’ by people much faster than a text, even if they are dense in terms of info, and (3) add a personal touch to communication, bring in the human dimension, and drawing emotions, all important factors for retaining the information provided.

Vulcanus in Japan:
Vulcanus in Japan




Get Ready For Japan:


World Class Manufacturing & Lean:


EU-Japan Business Round Table:


Technology Transfer Helpdesk:

The Centre also released a video on the Centre's 10-year involvement with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), and one on 2022 being the 35th anniversary of the launch of the Centre, which occured in 1987.

Other videos on the Centre's activities are in the pipeline such as on (1) EU-Japan Business matchmaking, (2) EU-Japan Business Cooperation in Africa, ASEAN and Latin America, (3) regional and industrial cluster cooperation helpdesk, etc.

To know more about all the Centre’s activities and supports.

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