March 10


Export to Japan 16: Trade Shows and Due Diligence - Finding Business Partners

10-03-21 | 10:30 - 11:00 AM CET

Various EU products and services began to enjoy benefits from the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) which entered in force on 1 February 2019, and we are seeing a considerable increase of EU exports to Japan.  But yet many EU exporters, particularly small and medium-scaled enterprises (SMEs) perceive access to Japanese market difficult because of unfamiliar trade and business practices.

This is a series of online training which presents the latest market information available in 2020-21 and explain in practical terms the most important things that EU companies should know when exporting to Japan so that the benefits of free trade can become more widely available to EU exporters for the second year of the EU-Japan EPA.

What should EU exporters know about Japanese business partners?

Best strategy to enter Japanese market is to understand business relationships in light of Japan’s business culture and practices, find good Japanese business partners, and avoid pitfalls on partnership in Japanese business systems and processes. Japanese prefer to do business with people to whom they have properly introduced by a trusted intermediary party and have met face-to-face.

EU exporters entering Japan normally begin by meeting potential buyers and potential partners at trade shows, while success in Japan requires a strong, long-lasting business relationship with local partners. There are pitfalls on partnership in Japanese distribution and sales system, agent/distribution contractual system as well as in the process to select local partners and to make an equity partnership, therefore EU exporters need to put procedures in place and conduct comprehensive due diligence on building a good relationship with local partners.

This webinar is the last session of “Export Support” series and concludes by emphasizing the importance of business relationship with Japanese business partners.


Please keep in mind that this webinar is only accessible to EU companies which are registered to the EU Business in Japan website:

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