October 12


Webinar 181: The Vegetarian and Vegan market(s) in Japan

12-10-21 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM CET

What is the current status and what are the opportunities that the Japanese vegan & vegetarian markets can offer to EU SMEs?

A country of veggies till about 150 years ago, Japan is today a big meat eater. Yet, in recent years, a few factors are slowly changing the trend towards a less meaty diet. Both domestic and international factors are supporting this shift: health concerns of an ageing society, excessive dependency on food imports, climate change consciousness, booming Asian and Western inbound tourism, etc.

The webinar will introduce the main factors that are supporting a growing interest in vega/vegetarianism in Japan; government policies and consumers promotional activities; examples in the distribution and retail sectors; information on certification and some tips to EU SMEs on what strategy to follow for a successful access into the Japanese veggie market.

The webinar targets EU small, innovative companies, open to international collaborations and to investing resources in a challenging but trustworthy market, producers of high quality, ethical and sustainable products.


Please keep in mind that this webinar is only accessible to EU companies which are registered to the EU Business in Japan website: http://www.eubusinessinjapan.eu/user/register

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This webinar targets European companies seeking to put, administratively, everything in place before exporting to Japan.
This webinar presents a series of tools and techniques for perfecting ways of navigating virtual communication and interaction with Japanese partners. At any stage in a business relationship and whatever the precise business format both European and Japanese companies will benefit from those insights into Japanese strategic and tactical thinking.


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