Photonics for life science and industrial manufacturing in Japan: A market overview for EU SMEs working on photonics (Minerva Fellowship)

By Šarūnas Vaškelis (Minerva fellow participant)

Japan is still a very relevant market for photonics with a 30% global market share (2015) including overseas’ production. This webinar gave EU SMEs the market intelligence to help make better-informed decisions when entering the Japanese market. It is based on the research (including discussions with over 20 companies and organisations) conducted by the author during the 6 months MINERVA Fellowship program at the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation in Japan. The webinar included a brief photonics market overview and companies' analysis (also an overview of distributors and associations). Research and research funding organisations had been introduced together with an analysis of public procurement opportunities. The webinar also included an overview of relevant events in Japan and a discussion of the challenges & opportunities in the sector.

Please note that this service is only available for European Union and Japanese companies, universities, and research institutions. Therefore only Japanese and European individuals working for the above entities are eligible to register to the webinars.

After Event Information

This event has been recorded. Please click here to get access to the recorded session.

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