Host company's costs for the complete training period 

The trainee will be remunerated either DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY, depending on your national law:

  • Your company will remunerate the Vulcanus trainee DIRECTLY when your national law requires you to do so (this may depend on the fact that the traineeship is not mandatory for the university attended by the trainee). The amount of the remuneration will comply with the minimum wage, if any. Should the minimum wage be lower than 825€ per month or should there be no minimum wage, then your company will pay 825 € net per month to the trainee.
  • If a direct payment is NOT requested by your national law, then your company will remunerate the trainee INDIRECTLY through paying the Centre a contribution corresponding to 825€ multiplied by the number of months of traineeship (825*7= € 5775), split in two instalments, upon receipt of invoice from our Centre, in spring and autumn 2021.

In both cases your Company will also cover the following costs:

  • Taxes & costs linked with wages, visas, work permits, if any 
  • Further costs arising from the applicable law in your Member State, if any


ONLY FOR REFERENCE - Please find some information regarding direct payment in some EU countries, as of June 2020. (Please note that the applicable law in these EU countries may change by the time of the next Vulcanus placement). ALSO: please note that more countries may adopt this system by the time of the placement. In that case, you will be expected to comply. 

  • Germany: Companies must pay the student directly, the monthly national minimum wage, which exceeds 825€
  • France: Companies must pay the student a direct payment of at least € 825 per month (late September- late March)
  • Italy: Companies are requested to provide a direct monthly payment to the student/accommodation/ meals during working hours.  Such costs for the company are decided at regional level. In 2020, the most expensive region where we sent a student requested a payment of 1000€ per month of traineeship to the trainee (all inclusive) for remuneration/accommodation/meals. The most expensive 'Intermediate body' charged about 800€ for its services;
  • Belgium: Companies must pay the student directly, the monthly national minimum wage, which exceeds 825€. It is calculated depending on the type of company and on the profile of the student.


      Grant received by the student

On top of the above mentioned remuneration, the students will receive another grant of approx. 5,000 EUR (in Japanese Yen) from the EU-Japan Centre before they arrive in Europe to cover their travel expenses, living expenses during the language course, etc.


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