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Lean in Europe - visit 27 - PakMarkas

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The on-site Lean in Europe visit to PakMarkas in Vilnius (Lithuania) will take place on Friday, 30th September 2022. A pre-visit meeting and dinner will be held on the evening of 29th September.

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"Genchi, genbutsu gennin" (現地・現物・現認) translates as "go to the Gemba" but means going to the 'real place' where value is created, where interactions are happening between process and material, and engaging with the people.

Lean in Europe visit 27

The first host company in this new series of Lean in Europe physical visits (i.e. travel will be necessary) will be PakMarkas – a Lithuanian manufacturer producing labelling and flexible packaging, industrial packaging engineering and automation solutions.

Apply no later than Sunday, 24 July 2022 via this webform. 20 places are available.

The visit will be led by Richard Keegan, the EU-Japan Centre's Lean Advisor and Adjunct Professor of Lean Operational Excellence at Trinity Business School in Dublin. Places are limited.

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Covid-permitting, the EU-Japan Centre is delighted to be able to restart physical Lean in Europe visits to learn, see, understand and share best practices by visiting European factories and facilities. The EU-Japan Centre will continue to run Lean Café webinar discussions but on an occasional basis.


The visit includes:

  • an introduction to PakMarkas and its production processes;
  • a Gemba visit;
  • a genuine practical problem-solving exercise:
    PakMarkas will present two issues it would like the group to address – you will be asked to study that part of the process and then brainstorm suggestions for a changeover process and for the packaging process for finished goods;
  • a pre-visit group discussion and dinner in Vilnius on the evening of 29 September.


Eligibility and target participants:

  • You should be an engineer / have responsibility for process management / improvement
  • You should work for a company or organisation in an EU27 member-state or in Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway
  • Your company's sector of activity is not important, instead what is key is that you use – or plan to use – process optimisation and lean management tools in your business and would like to engage with the group and with PakMarkas
  • Your application should be supported by your line manager
  • Your nationality is not important
  • Applications from direct local competitors will not be accepted



  • No participation fee, but your organisation must cover your travel and accommodation costs.
  • In the unlikely event that the visit has to be postponed / cancelled / coronavirus rules prevent you from taking part, the EU-Japan Centre will not be liable for your travel / accommodation / other costs.


More information and future visits:

Other visits will be arranged for later in the year, please contact if you have any questions about this visit, would like to get details of future visits when they are arranged, or think your company/organisation might be willing to host a Lean in Europe visit for us.




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