What are the key domestic players and the latest trends in the dynamic Japanese beer market? What are the opportunities for innovative or traditional EU craft-style beer manufacturers?
This report provides with the appropriate tools to choose between an Agency or a Distribution Agreement when doing business with a Japanese partner. It also provides the specific terminology (kanji) to distinguish between Distributor and Agency.
SOCKSSS is a young Swedish company specialized in the fashion of socks. Whereas many larger companies failed in Japan, SOCKSSS already makes 5-7% of their turnover in Japan and their made in Japan style socks amount for 20% of their global turnover.
Topics covered on the August issue:  Legislation and Policy News -    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry holds Tokyo GX Week in September-October
Check the video on our 'virtual mall' in the agri-food sector: ✅ Important for EU-Japan EPA and for EU SMEs ✅ Synergies with EPA Helpdesk ✅ Online presence ✅ Translation and promotion in Japanese
Check the below video on our Helpdesk for EU-Japan cooperation at the local level of industrial clusters, regions and prefectures. 👍SMEs internationalisation ✅ Webinars on good practices ✅ Matchmaking ✅ Mobility of 🇪🇺 clusters to 🇯🇵
Report on developments in the e-commerce sector in the Baltic Region from 2020 to March 2022. This report includes statistical analysis; case study interviews with key actors; information on key developments country-by-country; trends in technology, logistics and payments. This report was produced by Priit Koff for the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation Publication date: March 2022
This report will provide you with a concise summary of FDI incentives in Japan organised by prefecture. It will assist you in determining which of Japan's prefectures are more suitable for your business.
This guide aims to provide a brief overview on regulation aspects to consider when exporting foods to Japan.
This report focuses on the main platforms of e-commerce in Japan which are Amazon Japan, Rakuten Ichiba and Shopify. It presents the information necessary to do business on those platforms, the procedure, and the logistics.

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