Topics covered in the November issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・Promoting Research on 'Blue Carbon' SURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA・Welfare Expenses of Big Enterprises Continue to Grow・CSR Expenses of Keidanren Members Increased Four Consecutive Years・Tourism Industry: Last Year's Record of 24 Million Foreign Visitors Almost Equaled in Only 10 months
Topics covered in the October issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・"Tokyo Initiative 2017" for Connected Industries Announced・Winners of the IoT Lab Selection Announced・Priority Area for Introducing Nursing Care Robot Revised・New Standard for Robots for Lumbar Support Established・Winners of Resource Recirculation Technologies Selected・METI and U.S. DOE Cooperate in the CCUS・27 Areas Designated for Geothermal Potential Survey
Topics covered in the September issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・METI to Establish Study Group for Enhancing Human Resource Capability・Successful Projects Selected under the BrandLand JAPAN Program・METI begins Accepting Applications for Certification of Fourth Industrial Revolution Skills Courses・Nationwide Network of Aircraft Clusters to be Established
The report aims to contribute to the support of EU exporters of food products to Japan. In this sense, it provides an analysis of the economic and demographic situation of Japan as well as of its level of trade integration in order to highlight how these factors affect the local demand and supply as well as the market access for EU agribusinesses.
To get the access to this report, please click here. Expert: Ms. Natalie MeyerPublication date: October 2017