About the factsheet : The aim of this factsheet is to explain to EU exporters of products protected by EU geographical indications (GIs), the opportunities offered by the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) as regards such protection in Japan. To read the factsheet, please click here.
To get the access to this report, please click here. Expert: Dr Keith Jackson & Ms Makoto HashiguchiPublication date: February 2019
Topics covered in the February issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・METI to Launch an Expert Group on Electricity Resilience towards a Decarbonized Society・METI Revises the Plan for the Development of Marine Energy and Mineral Resources・METI Formulates Guidance for Integrated Corporate Disclosure Concerning Industrial and Product Safety
To get the access to this report, please click here. Expert: Ms Christine YolinPublication date: January 2019
Although European firms already have access to the Japanese government procurement market, through the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA), the EU-Japan EPA will provide additional opportunities to gain Japanese government contracts. Japan has agreed to further open its government tenders to EU companies and to commit itself to lessening barriers, which were perceived as hampering competition on a level playing field with Japanese companies.
Topics covered in the January issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・METI Grants First Approval to Fukuoka City's Plan for Managing and Supporting Business Startup Activities by Foreign Entrepreneurs・METI Holds Explanatory Meeting on the New System for Acceptance of Foreign Human Resources in the Manufacturing Industry・METI State Minister Signed Agreement with the Boeing Company on Cooperation in Aircraft Technology
An analysis of the current market and ist opportunities for European SMEs. By Paul Van der Plas in the framework of the Minerva Fellowship Programme.
Potential Opportunities of Collaboration between Japanese and European Firms By Jonathan Arias in the framework of the Minerva Fellowship Programme.