To get the access to this report, please click here. Expert: Mrs Chieko NakabayashiPublication date: June 2018
To get the access to this report, please click here. Expert: Mr Conje HallstromPublication date: May 2018
The purpose of this report is to show a map of opportunities for venture firms, universities and research institutes in the EU to conduct knowledge transfer with Japanese counterparts in nine digital technology areas: automated driving technology, cybersecurity, fintech (financial technology), blockchain technology, edtech (education technology), martech (marketing technology), game, IT for fashion business, and IT for art and music business.
Japan is still a very relevant market for photonics with a 30% global market share (2015) including overseas' production. This report aims at giving EU SMEs the market intelligence to make better-informed decisions when entering the Japanese market. It includes overviews on several topics, among which: the photonics market, Japanese photonics companies and distributors, research funding and public procurement opportunities, relevant events in Japan.
Japan is one of the major countries that European biotech companies target in their expansion when it comes to internationalisation. This report intends to be a useful source of information for European SMEs and clusters considering potential cooperation with Japan. Report written by Esther Rodergas in the framework of the Minerva Fellowship Programme.
To get the access to this report, please click here. Expert: Mr Martin GlisbyPublication date: April 2018