This report provides an overview of the current situation on the Japanese consumer market (as of January 2021).
Topics coverd on the November-December 2020 issue:Legislation and Policy News The ratio of renewable energy over 50%, Government decides green growth strategy Up to JP¥ 800,000 subsidy, EV with "100% renewable energy procurement" Japan to be France's first partner for patent prosecution highway program 15 RCEP countries sign agreement, about 30% of world population in huge free trade zone
This report, on the basis of over 40 interviews with stakeholders from the Japanese and EU private and public sectors, alongside desk-based research, presents a snapshot of Japan’s circularity. It gives an overview of Japan’s current awareness of circularity and its circular economy policy framework, which centres around the concept of a Sound Material-Cycle Society, its Circular Economy Vision 2020, alongside a table of key circularity indicators comparing the EU and Japan.
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Topics covered on the issue:LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS Japan to drop “Hanko” seals requirement in 99% of administrative procedures Image design registered for the first time Prime Minister Mr. Suga declares "substantially zero greenhouse gases by 2050" New establishment and revision of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)SURVEY AND BUSIINESS DATA GDP July-September annual rate increase of 21.4% Nikkei Trendy and Nikkei X Trend announce 2020 hit products
Every sector of the economy from autonomous driving to the hospital sector will need AI knowledgeable workers, as well as a fair number of AI experts, to bring AI products, services and technologies into regular use as the economy transforms.
October 2020 - NEW online version!The Centre's newsletter is now available in an online version in addition to the PDF one.
This report analyses the current trends and features of the organic food and beverage market in Japan and opportunities for EU companies.
To get the access to this report, please click here.Expert: Sven ErikssonPublication date: September 2020
To get the access to this report, please click here.Expert: Michael CaustonPublication date: June 2020

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26/10/2021 - 27/10/2021
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26-10-21 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM CETIs there a large premium food market in Japan and is it worth the effort for EU companies? Especially now after the pandemic? Yes, in so many ways...Japan has a…