Not sure how to access the Japanese market ? This video shows how the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial cooperation can help, just like it helped the Slovenian SME Robotina succeed in Japan. The newt one could be you !
This report has been conducted to support and complement the policy exchange in the framework of the EU-Japan Industrial Dialogue. Given the limited time and resources allocated for this study, the results should be regarded only as a snapshot example of the newer and/or less known technologies in Europe.From the total of 185 technologies collected, 15 were selected as being the best candidates for investment/cooperation with Japan.
VenusRoses Labsolutions – from BG VenusRose Labsolutions was founded in 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is a privately owned biotechnical research, development and production company specialised in all-natural herbal remedies designed to improve people’s life.
What are the main trends of the ceramic products markets in Japan?
OcellO B.V. was founded in 2011 in Leiden, NL. It is a privately owned contract research organisation based on technology developed at Leiden University.  
Topics covered in the January issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・A Study Group on Competition Policies in Relation to the Fourth Industrial Revolution Established・The Working Group for the Standardization of Credit Card Data Compiled a Report
Nuhealth Group – from BG Company Nuhealth JSC is a young company, founded by experienced and ambitious professionals with more than 20 years of experience and exceptional know-how in the production of food products.
Topics covered on the December issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS・METI Compiles an Illustrated Guide on Handbook for Trade Secret Protection・Business Succession Guidelines Formulated・JPO-ROSPATENT Cooperation to Advance in the Field of Industrial Property SURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA・MHLW Annual Survey Reveals More Companies to Raise Wages than Previous Year