The Report provides in Part I and II an overview of the nuclear decommissioning in Japan and the current decommissioning projects. Part III provides an analysis of the market for nuclear decommissioning in Japan, outlining the demand for specialised technologies in specific projects. Part IV briefly discusses the most suitable strategies to enter the market.
Report on the 22 March 2016 "Japan - the land of the rising business opportunities" event organised in Poland by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation and the Polish Confederation Lewiatan. This event assessed current links between Poland and Japan, the likely impact of the FTA/EPA, heard success stories from two Polish companies that have established links with Japan and identified sources of advice and other help. It was followed by a separate cross-cultural masterclass.
The report offers an overview of the Japanese human assistant robotics market including the analysis of influencing factors and societal trends, a portrait of the market environment, as well as the discussion of opportunities and challenges for the European companies. Additional material : a presentation based on this report is also available to be donwloaded here.
LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS Announcement of the Second Nippon Venture Award Winners SMEA Compiles Guidebook on Overseas Risk Management for SMEs METI Publishes the Report of the Study Group on "Internal Globalization" SURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA Business Forecasting Remains Strong in Environment Sector Record Number of Foreign Residents Living in Japan JPO Surveys Losses Caused by Counterfeiting TOPICS
Topics covered on the February 2016 issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS- METI and Fukushima Prefecture Conclude an Agreement on the Development and Operation of Robot Testing Fields- SMEA Compiles an Export Support Handbook for SMEs SURVEY AND BUSINESS DATA- Japan's Population Shrinks for the First Time- Agricultural Export Recorded Historical High in 2015- Number of SMEs and Micro Businesses Remains Stable
To get the access to this report, please click here. Expert : Mr. Jørgen Jakob Friis.Publication date: March 2016