Will human assistant robotics represent the solution to population ageing?
Topics covered on the May 2016 issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS - Successful Reduction of Returned Food and Food Loss through Better Demand Forecast - Results of the Support for the Introduction of Robots Compiled - Strategy for Taking the Lead in the 4th Industrial Revolution Published - Japan-Germany Cooperation on IoT/Industrie 4.0 Announced
The 8-minute video, made by LEPAC – www.lepac.org – is explaining the challenges facing Japan as its economy recovers.
This Report provides useful information on the Japanese ceramic market, with a main focus on Ceramic Tableware, Wall and Floor Tiles and Bio-ceramics. The Reports includes a number of recommendations focusing on business practicalities, such as choosing a suitable location in a Japanese city, adapting the products to the market and finding Japanese partners.
An 8-part lecture series giving a sound introduction to the practical concepts of applied lean.
Topics covered on the April 2016 issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS