Protobios – from EE Protobios Ltd. was founded in 2003. The company is developing new diagnostic tests and offering services in the field of immunology analysis. Since their founding the company has contributed to the development of novel technologies in field cell technology and immunology.
ITware KFT – from HU ITware is a premium software development company located in Budapest in the neighbourhood of the Budapest University of Technology.
The Report presents the hydro and marine energy market in Japan, with the past and recent trends, the growth potential and the relevant normative framework. It concludes with an overview of the potential challenges and opportunities for European companies. Report written by Guillaume Hennequin in the framework of the Minerva Fellowship Programme.
Topics covered on the September issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS
Although wind power installations in Japan are still way behind Europe’s volume, 80% of Japan’s related wind industry believes that the sector will grow in the future and the business potential is huge. Which are the bottlenecks that hinder wind energy development today? What are recent trends and policies, relevant to the sector? To which extent can European companies participate in maturing the market and tackling the barriers?
Topics covered on the August issue: LEGISLATION AND POLICY NEWS
- AN ASSESSMENT OF COOPERATION AND BUSINESS POTENTIAL WITH EUROPEAN COMPANIES – The Report presents the profile of the Microalgae and Microalgal Biomass Industry in Japan with the newest policies, projects and stakeholders involved. The Report also assesses and provides recommendations on the cooperation and business potential for the European companies interested in this sector in Japan.
As part of the research for the 2016 wind energy report, a list of relevant industry players has been conducted. Based on that list, a virtual map was created to visualize around 280 relevant companies, linking their GPS data with website, address, details on business, and telephone. Screenshots below provide examples.
Prepared by Manuel Herrador, Minerva Research Fellow, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation. Other materials by Manuel Herrador: