18-06-2020 | 15:00 - 16:00

Brands are some of the most valuable intangible assets, helping sustain the growth and market value of industry giants like Apple, Disney and Nike. Creating a strong and sustainable brand requires not just knowledge in marketing, but also an understanding of how brands bring value to a product, service or business. Through case studies and industry data, this webinar will explore the fundamentals of brand valuation and will provide best practices for maintaining and growing brand value throughout the lifecycle of a product or company.

Registration deadline: 17/06/2020

Topics learned during this webinar?

This webinar will cover topics related to brand management and valuation across multiple industries and throughout the lifecycle - from early stage ventures to multinationals. The topics to be discussed include:

  • What is a brand?
  • IP protections associated with brands
  • The fundamentals of brand valuations
  • Brand monetization business models
  • Brand success stories: What works
  • Brand failure stories: What doesn’t work
  • Key takeaways: Best practices for sustaining and growing the value of your brand

Speaker: Efrat Kasznik is president of Foresight Valuation Group, a Silicon-Valley based IP consulting firm focused on assisting companies with valuing and managing their intellectual property. She is a Lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and is a frequent speaker and author on topics related to IP valuation and strategy.
Organiser: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation - Brussels Office
Moderator: Luca Escoffier is a Project Manager of the EU-Japan Technology Transfer Helpdesk

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