The entertainment industry in Japan has traditionally been characterised by youth-based content. With the ageing Japanese demography, the sector is now in a phase of transition as it seeks to adapt to appeal to its older audience. The industry is also exploring and developing its activities overseas. Given that the evolution of technology has transformed the means of distribution, products are being made to be more accessible to global clients. With access to new client bases, a broader horizon is opening up for the Japanese entertainment industry. Find out more about Japan's leisure industry below.

Art & Craft

 Latest update: October 2023 

Table of Contents

Cool Japan & Creative Industry

 Latest update: June 2023 

There is no precise definition of creative industries in Japan. 

Electronic Games

 Latest update: May 2024 

Japan has traditionally been a major hub of the global video games industry and is currently in third place in terms of gaming market revenues.

Manga & Anime

 Latest update: October 2023 

Manga and anime are perhaps the most recognizable aspects of Japanese culture, and the huge global popularity of both these art forms underline Japan’s status as an influential cultural superpower.


 Latest update: April 2023 

Although the global music industry has mostly shifted towards the digital era of streaming and downloads, Japan has only just begun to catch up with this trend.

Pet Products
The Japanese pet market is highly directed towards dogs and cats, they had an ownership share of 11.5% and 10.1% respectively (2019). Related to them we can find a wide variety of supplies (toys and food) and services. During the fiscal year 2022, the pet industry retail value was worth over 1.65 trillion yen.
Japan seems to be a country hungry to increase sports and the sports industry within Japan. In 2011 it formulated its first ‘Sport basic plan’ that aimed at promoting sports among different age groups, enhancing international exchanges, competitiveness.
Toys & Gadgets

 Latest update: June 2022 

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