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 Latest update: February 2023 

The COVID-19 pandemic and border control measures hit the Japanese tourism industry hard, as the country saw its number of tourists decline from almost 32 million visitors in 2019 to about 246 thousand in 2021. With the loosening of restrictions in October 2022, the industry experienced some revival, as tourists started to find their way back into Japan. The impact of the corona pandemic on tourism in Japan created challenges for the industry, but also gave way to new tourism exchange markets and continued interest in initiatives as sustainable tourism and digital transformation of the sector. These overall developments display how the current Japanese tourism industry is undergoing changes.

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Table of Contents

  • Overview
    • COVID 19 impact
  • From Japan
    • In general
    • Travelling alone
    • Graduation Trips
    • European destinations
    • Seasonality of Japanese travel
    • Overseas marriage tours by Japanese  
    • App and smartphone usage among Japanese travelers
    • How to promote EU destination to Japanese
  • To Japan
    • In general
    • Tourism and the effects of the pandemic
    • Sustainable Tourism
    • Digital Transformation (DX) in the tourism industry
    • Japan Heritage
    • Anime and manga as drivers of tourism
  • Expert Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Further Reading
  • Relevant Organizations and Trade Fairs
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