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The Japanese railway market is seen as sophisticated, mature market, with high standards in service and punctuality, which developed in relative isolation from the rest of the world. Entrance to the market is one of patience and tenacity, but the Japanese government’s ambitions to increase the exports of infrastructure including railways, is seen as a trend that might offer business opportunities to EU SMEs, as there will be an increased need for international supplier networks and local expertise. The railway market is rapidly evolving as environmental and sustainability awareness has been increasing around the world and digital technologies as IOT and AI are evolving.

EU-Japan Centre, Japanese Railway Market, 2016
IHRA, Rolling Stock Manufacturers supporting Shinkansen, 2022


Table of Contents

  • General overview
  • Structure and Trends of the Japanese railway market
  • Standards and regulations
    • Technical Regulatory Standards on Japanese Railways
    • Supplier Qualification
    • Types of Tendering Procedures
    • JRIS
    • JIS standards for rails
    • NRCC
    • Other
  • High speed railway services – shinkansen lines
    • New Lines
  • Digitalization and safety
  • Issues facing the Japanese railway sector
    • Decreasing population and demand
    • Automatization
    • Regional railway companies
    • Congestion in Tokyo Metropolitan Area
    • Decarbonization and Related Technologies – NE Trains
  • Opportunities & Challenges
  • Expert reports & Webinars
  • Annual report
  • Further reading
  • Relevant organisations and trade fairs
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