Latest update: April 2022 

In the robotics market, Japan uses cutting-edge robotic technologies in various fields besides manufacturing, including service and care-giving robots for the older generation, showing that robophilia has become handy.

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In 2015, the Japanese government announced the “New Robot Strategy” (2016-2020) to encourage the use of robots and accelerate automation in the economic sectors with low labour productivity like agriculture, infrastructure and healthcare. As a result, Japan leads the world in robotics; by 2020, the country was manufacturing 47% of global robots, with highly competitive research, development and applied technologies. This progress also is being made toward artificial intelligence (AI), so Japan can become a creator of new values and services. 

Moreover, the model of “Society 5.0”, where everyone and everything is connected and integrated through technology, is being implemented faster due to Japan’s population grey and shrinking workforce, plus the effects of the pandemic. This situation has driven rapid growth in service robots, developing a new generation of robots more suitable for areas like hospitality, transportation, and domestic tasks.

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Table of Contents

  • Market Overview
  • Robotics in Society 5.0
  • New trends
    • New Workforce
    • Medical sector
    • Resilience: Disaster-response
  • Recommendations for European SMEs  
  • Examples of EU-JP cooperation
  • Expert Reports & Webinars
  • Annual Reports
  • Further Reading
  • Relevant Organisations and Trade Fairs
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