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 Latest update: November 2023 

Japan remains the world’s third-largest fashion apparel importer after the EU and the US. As one of the leading fashion markets in the world, Japan is also a trendsetter for other countries in Asia.

Japan’s Fashion Market (apparel and accessories) has remained relatively stable over the last 5 years; however, the market size of the domestic apparel business is shrinking. The size of the apparel industry in 2022 (the sum of the sales of the 60 leading companies) is estimated at 8.059,1 billion yen. Despite the fact that spending on clothing has decreased in recent years, consumers do still want to buy quality products, as long as they are offered at good prices.

Although high-end European fashion is extremely popular in Japan, Japanese consumer buying habits differ significantly to those of consumers in Europe, and it is important to be aware of how conceptions of what is fashionable or trendy differ in Japan. Moreover, considerations for social issues such as climate change, and the expansion of venues for self-expression, including in digital fashion, have grown in recent years and are having a significant impact on the Fashion Industry in Japan.

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Table of Contents

  • Market Overview & Key Trends
    • Retail Channels 
    • Sustainable & Second-Hand Apparel
    • Human Rights Consciousness
    • Celebrity Casual Fashion
    • Plus-Size Clothing
    • Digital Fashion Market
  • Successful Apparel Brands
  • Certification System for Japanese Outlet – JQuality
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Labelling
  • Japanese Technologies Applied to Fashion
  • EU-Japan EPA
  • Expert Reports
  • Further Readings
  • Relevant Organisations and Trade Fairs
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