'About Japan' webinar series 183: Japan's Clothing and Textile Market

Is the Japanese apparel and textile market worth the effort for EU co

10:30 - 11:30
'About Japan' webinar series 200: Japan's Home Fashion & Furniture Market
Is there a large home fashion and decoration market in Japan and is it worth the effort for EU companies? Especially now after the pandemic? Yes, in so many ways…
10:30 - 11:30
About Textiles

 Latest update: February 2023 

Japan has a long history of textile production, and is one of the largest producers of technical textiles.

Case Study: Italtex: A Romanian SME


Italtex is a Romanian manufacturer of accessorie

Cosmetics & Perfumes
Japan is the third largest market in the world for cosmetics and personal care products. Even though the global pandemic resulted in a significant drop in consumer traffic and inbound tourism, the domestic market continues to grow.
EU Gateway to Japan

1-week business mission in Japan for European companies working in the targeted sectors

Fashion & Clothing

 Latest update: November 2023 

Japan is the second largest jewellery market in the world, despite this fact the industry has remained flat over the past few years, and in the long term it is shrinking. This can be attributed to the decline in inbound demand from foreign visitors to Japan as well as the decline of domestic consumers and the tendency to marry later in life.
Leather and Footwear

 Latest update: October 2023 

Report: Export Fashion to Japan
This report provides an overview of the Japanese fashion market as well as the various requirements which EU companies will have to meet in order to successfully export to Japan.
Report: Japan's Clothing and Textile Market
This report will provide readers with a clear overview of the size of the Japanese apparel and textile market, the potential and opportunities, as well as lists of retail targets – and the distributors and trading companies that could partner in reaching them.
Report: Japan's Home Fashion & Furniture Market
Because competition between retailers is intensifying, demand for new and exciting products from the EU not yet sold in Japan is increasing. There has never been a better time to sell to Japan.
Report: Technical Textile Market in Japan

About the Report:

This report provides an overview of trends and opportunities

Report: The Japanese Leather and Footwear Markets

About the Report: 


 — Latest update: September 2023 —

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