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About the Rules of Origin

Origin is the ‘economic’ nationality of goods traded in commerce. It is the origin that determines the duties and taxes apply to a product when exported abroad. The EU-Japan EPA has established new provisions regarding the Rules of Origins. It is necessary for EU companies to determine whether their products are considered sufficiently linked to their country to benefit from preferential rates of duties under the EU-Japan EPA. The general aspects of Rules of Origins are common to most Free Trade Agreements, each then will have their own specificity.

The complete text of the EPA, and Annexes, incorporating the Articles on the Rules of Origin, can be found on the website of the European Commission.

Japanese customs have published information regarding the application in Japan of Article 3.16(3) of the EPA. This information aims at addressing questions raised by importers in Japan and exporters in the EU about additional explanations requested by Japan Customs from importers submitting a claim for preferential tariff treatment under the EU-Japan EPA. 

Additional clarifications on DG TAXUD website:



The following webinars have been organised op the topic:



The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement allows products made in the EU to benefit from preferential tariffs. But how do you assess if a product is of EU origin or from another non-EU country? What are the most important “Rules of Origins” common to many free trade agreements, and how do they work? This series of podcasts released in Autumn 2022 will explain such rules and provide practical examples to define the origin of your products.


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