Report: Transport & Logistics

About the Report:

This report focuses on the Japanese transport and logistics sector. It begins by examining Japan's internationally renowned domestic infrastructure (bridges, roads, railways, ports, airports etc.) as well as the global parcel delivery companies active in Japan and Japan’s dedicated cargo carrier named Nippon Cargo Airlines. This reports then goes over the various means of transport for getting to Japan, such as Japan airlines and All Nippon Airways, together with information about various European companies. In addition, this report also discusses various types of transport insurance in Japan including insurance fees, custom brokerage fees, duties and taxes and local transport costs, etc. Finally, this report also provides a practical overview to major Japanese and global transport, warehousing, logistics and parcel delivery companies that can assist your company in its internationalisation process with Japan.

About the Expert

Rob Van Nylen has lived in Japan for over 20 years and is a certified export advisor to Japan click here to access his profile.


Picture: Moving sidewalks in Matsue Vogel Park
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