Case Studies and Success Stories
Despite the geographical distance, doing business with Japan is not overly complicated and it is not restricted to just the big companies. In fact, many European Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are successful in Japan.
Case Study: Arkamys - a French SME


French-based company Arkamys is a world-leader i

Case Study: Karalit: An Italian SME


Karalit was founded in 2007 as a spin-off from a

Electronic Games

 Latest update: April 2023 

Japan has traditionally been a major hub of the global video games industry and is currently in third place in terms of gaming market revenues.

Report: Cloud Computing, Big Data Management and IoT
Information and Communication Technology is the biggest and fastest growing business segment in Japan.
Report: Digital Economy in Japan and the EU
This study has the aim of providing a source of inspiration for enhanced EU-Japan dialogue and cooperation on the Digital Economy which is expected to play a key role in unlocking economic growth, competitiveness, as well as in the general improvement of societal wellbeing.
Report: Digital Technology

About the Report

This report covers the Japanese digital technology industry, w

Report: ICT - Security
The subject of this report is the ICT security market in Japan.
Report: ICT Software

About the Report   

This report provides an overview of the Japane

Report: Japanese ICT Clusters
This report analyses Japan’s ICT Industry.
Report: Software & Video Games

About the Report

This report examines the Japanese video games industry.

Webinar 86: EU-Japan collaborative projects on Internet of Things and smart cities: ClouT, FESTIVAL and BigClouT

How to benefit from EU-Japan joint cooperation programmes in the ICT sect

10:00 - 11:00
Where could I find a professional organisation which brings together Japanese software industry (in particular mobile applications) companies? I am looking for potential clients and partners in this field.
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