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Innovation is seen as the key to economic success in the country, given the scarcity of natural resources and its rapidly ageing population. A renewed focus on achieving this in both the private and public sectors makes Japan the ideal market for European companies to enter.
From the early 2000s to 2020, the MEXT and the METI actively promoted the “Knowledge Cluster Initiative” and the “Industrial Cluster Project” as a means to reinforce international competitiveness and regional development and accelerate the formation of clusters.
New reports released in August 2016

This month we have published 2 reports. These reports, which were written by our "in-ho

Report: Biotech Cluster Mapping and Industry Landscape
This report provides an overview of the bio cluster landscape in Japan.
Report: Cluster Mapping in Japan 2016
2016 held mapping attempt of Japanese clusters.
Report: Cluster Mapping in Japan 2022
The EU-Japan Centre proceeded with a new screening online in order to identify new clusters and better assess already existing ones lastly identified in 2016.
Report: Direct Investment to Japan (Overview of Industry Clusters)

About the Report

This report aims to help foreign investors make informed inves

Report: EU-Japan Cluster & Region Cooperation

About the Report 

Report: Japanese ICT Clusters
This report analyses Japan’s ICT Industry.
Report: Nanotech Cluster and Industry Landscape in Japan
This report aims to provide an overview of the Japanese nanotech sector, its structure and the industry landscape.
Report: Opportunities for EU SMEs in Japan’s Prefectures and Cities
This report provides an overview of existing opportunities for EU SMEs in Japan's prefectures and cities.
Webinar 20: Foreign Direct Investment in Japan (Cancelled)

We regret to announce that this webinar has been cancelled until further notice

10:30 - 11:30
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