'About Japan' webinar series 230: Opportunities rising from new product developments through R&D projects between European SMEs and Japanese companies
The objective of this webinar is to analyze the opportunity that exists in the creation of new products through technological projects between Japanese companies and European SMEs.
10:30 - 11:30
About Innovation
Innovation is seen as the key to economic success in the country, given the scarcity of natural resources and its rapidly ageing population. A renewed focus on achieving this in both the private and public sectors makes Japan the ideal market for European companies to enter.
Aichi Prefecture


Prefecture flag

Main City: Nagoya

Akita Prefecture

akita flag

Prefecture flag 

Main City: Akita

Aomori Prefecture


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Main City: Aomori

Article: San-gaku-kan renkei: the Triple Helix Concept in Japan

Article written by Lyckle Griek, Owner, Japan U

Case Study: ainia / technology centre / develop innovations
Ainia is a technology centre with the legal status of a private non-profit association, created in 1987 and formed by more than 900 companies mainly from the food sector.
Chiba Prefecture

chiba prefecture

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Although the Chubu area only comprises about 10% of the national area in geographical terms, it accounts for 20% of the nationwide share in shipments of manufactured goods and is a catalyst driving Japanese economy with its manufacturing base.


The Chugoku Region is located in the western part of Japan. It borders the regions of Kyushu, Shikoku and Kansai, making it a transportation hub for all of western Japan.

From the early 2000s to 2020, the MEXT and the METI actively promoted the “Knowledge Cluster Initiative” and the “Industrial Cluster Project” as a means to reinforce international competitiveness and regional development and accelerate the formation of clusters.
Fukui Prefecture


Prefecture flag

Main City: Fukui

Fukuoka Prefecture

Fukuoka flag



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Fukushima Prefecture

yamagata flag

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Gifu Prefecture


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Main City: Gifu

Guidelines for Special R&D costs Tax credit scheme

in May 2015, METI published revised guidelines for the Special R&D costs Tax credit scheme, necessitated by the tax reforms of the Abe government in April 2015.  The Special R&D costs Tax Reduction scheme is one of the R&D tax credit schemes where it is possible to cut part of the costs for experimental research.

In 2015, in order to promote open innovation in enterprises, the Abe Tax Reforms introduced a number of enlargements in this programme:

Gunma Prefecture

gunma flag

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Hiroshima Prefecture

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Hokkaido Prefecture

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