Okinawa Prefecture

Okinawa flag




Prefecture flag

Main City: Naha

Osaka Prefecture

Osaka flag



Prefecture flag

Main City: Osaka

Report: Cluster Mapping in Japan 2016
2016 held mapping attempt of Japanese clusters.
Report: Cluster Mapping in Japan 2022
The EU-Japan Centre proceeded with a new screening online in order to identify new clusters and better assess already existing ones lastly identified in 2016.
Report: Latest trends in biotechnology research in Japan
Japan spends consistently over 3% of its GDP on R&D, of which some 70% come from industry. Concerning biotech-related R&D, more than half is directed towards pharmaceutical and medical goals.
Report: Mapping of EU R&D Centres in Japan
This report gives an overview of EU companies with R&D centres in Japan and suggests several reasons for their establishment.
Report: Nanotech Cluster and Industry Landscape in Japan
This report aims to provide an overview of the Japanese nanotech sector, its structure and the industry landscape.
Research & Development
Japan’s reputation as an international hub for R&D has been established through heavy investment in this area, making the country a key destination for the establishment of cutting-edge R&D centres.
Saga Prefecture

Saga flag



Prefecture flag

Main City: Saga

Saitama Prefecture

saitama flag

Prefecture flag 

Main City: Saitama

Shiga Prefecture

Shiga flag




Prefecture flag

Main City: Otsu


The island of Shikoku is the smallest of Japan’s four main islands and accounts for 5% of the total land area of Japan.

Agriculture industries are well developed in the region and provide a gross domestic product that is higher than the average when compared to other areas of Japan.  

Shimane Prefecture

Shimane flag



Prefecture flag

Shizuoka Prefecture


Prefecture flag

Main City: Shizuoka

The several policies and support programs provided by the government, the assistance of angel investors and crowdfunding and the openness of major corporations to support the start-up market, create increasing opportunities for European start-ups to flourish in the Japan market.
Tochigi Prefecture

tochigi flag

Prefecture flag 

Main City: Utsunomiya


Products that occupy the top positions for exports include pharmaceuticals, rubber products, motors, etc. For imports, products such as metal ore and scraps, coal, crude oil, and raw oil are in the top positions.

Tokushima Prefecture

Tokushima flag



Prefecture flag

Tokyo Metropolis

tokyo flag

City flag 

Main City: Tokyo

Tottori Prefecture

Tottori flag



Prefecture flag

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