'About Japan' webinar series 224: Market Situation and Potentials in Japan for Technologies for Solid Biomass Utilization
What is the status quo and what are the current trends and chances for innovative technologies for solid biomass utilization in Japan?
10:30 - 11:30
About Agroindustry
Japan has a severe shortage of arable land, covering only 11.3% of Japan’s total territory. The country’s self-sufficiency rate currently stands at 39%.
About Biotechnology
With an ever-increasing number of bio-ventures and the establishment of a new ecosystem in the Japanese biotech field, this sector offers many opportunities for European SME companies.
With Asia’s largest bioinformatics database located in Japan, the sector will be of an increasing importance, especially with its application to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

BioJapan is Asia’s premier partnering event for the international biotechnology industr

Japan is the third largest pharmaceutical market in the world, and the biologically active substances (biopharmaceuticals) are considered to be the driving force behind innovation in this industry.
Biotechnology in Agriculture

 Latest update: December 2023 

Call for the Next Biotech Mission in Japan

Only a few weeks left to apply for the next Biotech training mission in J

Case Study: HealthCapital: A German Cluster


HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg is the pr

Case Study: OcellO / SME / Search for Additional Partners in Japan

OcellO – from NL

OcellO B.V. was founded in 2011 in Leiden.

Case Study: Protobios Ltd. / SME
Protobios – from EE    

Protobios Ltd. was founded in 2003.

Report: Biotech Cluster Mapping and Industry Landscape
This report provides an overview of the bio cluster landscape in Japan.
Report: Biotechnology Market in Japan
This report presents an overview of the Biotechnology market in Japan.
Report: Biotechnology-related Food and Agricultural Products in Japan

About the Report

This report provides an overview of the agricultural biotechno

Report: Cell technology, cell therapy, tissue engineering and gene therapy in Japan
This report is primarily concerned with developments, market trends and regulations within the Japanese cell technology, cell therapy, tissue engineering and gene therapy sectors.
Report: Foodtech Sector in Japan
The aim of this report is to assess the current status of the evolving foodtech sector in Japan.
Report: Japan Bioventures Landscape
The report intends to be a useful source of information for European SMEs and clusters considering potential cooperation with Japan.
Report: Japanese competence centers in bioinformatics and computational biology
This report provides an overview of the Japanese competence centers in bioinformatics and computational biology.
Report: Latest trends in biotechnology research in Japan
Japan spends consistently over 3% of its GDP on R&D, of which some 70% come from industry. Concerning biotech-related R&D, more than half is directed towards pharmaceutical and medical goals.
Report: The Biopharmaceuticals Sector in Japan
This report aims to map out the current state of the biopharmaceuticals market in Japan.
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