About Starting a Business in Japan
There are many reasons for wishing to establish or expand your business in Japan, and also many different ways to enter the Japanese market. It is important to study the different strategies and choose the most suitable one for your activities before you get there.
Article: Closing a Branch Office in Japan

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Article: International Joint Ventures (IJVs) in Japan

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Article: Legal Business Entities of Japan

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Company Incorporation Process

If you wish to incorporate a company or an office in Japan, there are certain steps that must be taken. This section details the requirements and actions required in order to successfully complete the Company Incorporation process in Japan.

Economic Overview
Third largest economy in the world, Japan had a GDP worth 539,071.6 billion JPY in 2020.
Foreign Direct Investment
Foreign Direct Investment is an important subject when it comes to Japan. In 2020 the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development noted that Japan was the largest investor in the world, with more than 227 billion dollars invested abroad in 2019.
Incentives & Subsidies
From generous tax breaks to the potential for an accelerated immigration process, Japan offers many subsidies and incentives to attract foreign investment.
Joint Ventures
The joint venture is one of the most implemented approaches in trying to enter a foreign market, the Japanese one included.
Mergers & Acquisitions
The Japanese M&A business represents a sector whose importance has been growing in the last few years.
Report: Access to funding and financing Support for EU SME’s Internationalization to Japan

About the Report 

Report: Direct Investment to Japan (Overview of Industry Clusters)

About the Report

This report aims to help foreign investors make informed inves

Report: FDI data between EU-Japan 2008-2012

About the Report

The report studies the flow of direct investment between Japan

Report: FDI Incentives by Prefecture

About the Report:

Report: FDI Incentives by Prefecture 2022
This report will provide you with a concise summary of FDI incentives in Japan organised by prefecture.
Report: Foreign Direct Investment Incentives

About the Report

In this report, you will find information about the different

Report: How to open a representative office in Japan
This report gives comprehensive and practical step-by-step guidelines for European SMEs that are considering how to invest and open a representative office in Japan.
Report: Japan as a Hub for the Asian Market for European Companies
This report focuses on explaining how European companies can take advantage of Japanese government initiatives and benefit from making Japan their business hub location for the Asian market.
Report: Japan’s Private Equity and Venture Capital Landscape for EU SMEs and Start-ups
The capital market for SMEs and start-ups consists of several segments, ranging from SME lending and crowdfunding to business angels and venture capital markets.
Report: Opportunities for EU SMEs in Japan’s Prefectures and Cities
This report provides an overview of existing opportunities for EU SMEs in Japan's prefectures and cities.
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