Special Focus - Alcohol and Beer

Knowing the specifics of the Japanese market is vital for any project to succeed. This month in "Special Focus", we highlight the Interior Alcohol & Beers market. Information on the related sub-topics, latest reports and webinars on this topic are available on the following links.

In recent years, the scale of Japan alcoholic beverages market has steadily decreased due to the aging population, the changes in people’s lifestyle and the shift in the demand of alcoholic beverages towards cheaper products.

Nevertheless, in the alcohol industry, where almost all businesses are small to medium enterprises, a lot of companies are growing and working on their level of overseas expansion. Plus, recently, a lot of foreign enterprises are entering the Japanese liquor market.


Looking into the habits of beer consumers in Japan, there are many similarities to Western countries, perhaps with extra focus on the strong tradition of going out for a beer after work in Japan, which normally takes place at izakaya (Japanese pubs) where colleagues share a bottle or two of the traditionally large bottles of pilsner.

While the domestic market is quite crowded with international and especially American brands, there is still a huge potential for innovative European brands able to transmit a fresh, fan, unique life style through their beer.


Do not forget to register for our upcoming webinar targeting EU craft beer makers, EU semi-industrial beer brands, EU companies with a presence on the Japanese market but interested in the latest trends (especially post covid-19 market and distribution changes), beer-related education institution, gourmet and beer tour operators, etc.

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