Report: Artificial Intelligence in the Japanese Medical Sector

About the Report: 

Historically, the Japanese healthcare market has been rather conservative but today, Japan is more open to overseas influence on how the future healthcare system should be designed. Japan’s ageing population is applying pressure to the healthcare system and Japan needs more healthcare to support more people for a longer time as people live longer. Over the past years, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has been focusing on Artificial Intelligence to strengthen its medical sector. With AI being positioned as a priority technology in Japan’s healthcare, it will fundamentally reshape the healthcare landscape in the years to come. This report titled "Artificial Intelligence in the Japanese Medical Sector" provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the impact of the Artificial Intelligence on the Japanese medical sector. It first defines its characteristics with its key drivers and current trends. It then highlights the AI regulatory framework in Japan and its applications in the Japanese healthcare system. Finally, it presents various recommendations to EU companies for a successful market entry. 

About the Expert:

With more than 30 years of experience from working in Japan, Mr Maths Lundin has participated in many projects within different business segments such as management consulting, home appliances and scientific instruments. Through Sweden Japan Consulting, Mr Lundin's services cover market analysis, feasibility studies, and market entry support for European companies planning to enter the Japanese market. Click here to access his profile page.

A webinar was organised on this topic. Please click here to access the recording. 

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