Report: Japan's Green Transformation (GX) investment policies and implications for EU companies

About the Report 

Japan has made two international commitments to address global climate change: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46% until FY2030 and to become carbon neutral by 2050. In the future, Japan will need to overcome the challenges of ensuring a stable energy supply and decarbonization by leveraging the accumulated expertise of the private sector, while moving away from excessive dependence on fossil energy. This effort means the shift to a sustainable, clean energy-centered industrial and social structure, namely "Green Transformation" ("GX") and it is what Japan is aiming for.

Green Transformation (GX) refers to the transformation of the entire economic and social system from an economy, society, and industrial structure dependent on fossil fuels to “structures driven by clean energy”. 

This report aims to provide basic information on the Green Transformation (GX) policy of the Japanese government and its implication on the main technological fields ("GX Technologies") affected by it.

About the Expert: 

Johanna Schilling started at ECOS Consult in January 2000 as a project manager and became Managing Director in 2021. From 1992 to 1998 Johanna Schilling studied Japanese and German at the University of Trier. She also spent a year studying at the Chiba State University in Japan on a scholarship of the Japanese Ministry of Education Culture and the German Academic Exchange Service. She is fluent in Japanese and has special expertise in German-Japanese cooperation in the areas of project management, business consulting, public relations, trade fair participation, event moderation and management training.

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