Report: Japanese-European Mergers & Acquisitions: Cross-cultural challenges and keys to post-M&A success

About the Report 

In 2018, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) by Japanese companies hit a record high both in number and value. With Japanese companies in possession of nearly EUR 800 billion in cash the spending spree is likely to continue in the future. This report titled “Japanese-European M&As: Cross-cultural challenges and keys to post-M&A success” aims to better understand the reasons why European-Japanese M&As have not been more successful in the post-M&A process, and what can specifically be done to increase the chances of a positive result. This report first presents an overview of Japanese M&A activity in Europe, offering a closer look at the key drivers of Japanese cross-border M&A. It then provides a review and comparison of recent report findings on the key challenges related to Japanese cross-border M&A: it discusses the popular assumptions about cultural differences between Japan and Europe, and introduces a completely fresh perspective on this matters. Furthermore, it comments the insights gathered from Japanese and European executives into a set of models and conceptual tools to show novel approaches to navigating the main challenges. Lastly, this report provides a list of key advice for post-M&A success.

About the Expert:

Martin Glisby, founding partner & CEO, has nearly twenty years’ experience of business in Japan: as a chairman, CEO, board member, and trusted advisor to top executives in both Japan, Europe and the USA. In recent years he has specialised in immersive M&A consultancy, becoming a facilitator working alongside, and trusted by, top management of both partners in Japanese cross-border M&As. Martin Glisby is a Danish citizen, he is fluent in professional, business-level English and Japanese. He has published an internationally acclaimed book on tacit knowledge and several articles on Japanese management in business publications as well as contributions to academic publications. He has also given presentations at conferences and business gatherings in Europe, the USA and Japan. 

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